Writers Digest 22nd Annual Self-Published Book Awards Judges Commentary: THE MAYHEM WRANGLER by D.R. Schervish

“Fantastic cover! A truly arresting image. The back material is well-done, also. I love the sardonic humor (the opening scene). The language is rough and real
— truly infectious. Excellent moments of laughter among the intensity. Your dialogues are whip-smart and entertaining.
The combination of the tough-guy act and the spidey-sense psychic is great. I love the way he gets into deep philosophical discussions but never seems to be taking himself (or anyone else) all that seriously. I like the use of the military alphabet in your chaptering system; every novel needs something like that. Love the addition of the Coyote story.
You have an especial skill for dispensing with backstories quickly. You would not be surprised how rare that is. Love the artful digressions (the Liberator story). You are ruthlessly devoted to plot twists, which is pretty wonderful. You have come up with a book that is completely original, and your writing is downright addictive. Sometimes I even find myself thinking, ‘This character is off his rocker, but I can’t wait to hear what he’s got to say next.’ Excellent job!”